Asking for Help

Dear Friends of Peace in the Holy Land,

We are swiftly approaching the end of our one-year commitment to fund monthly gatherings of multi-faith Palestinian and Israeli peace builders.  These meetings have been a resounding success.  They are now attended by over one hundred people, including more and more young people each time.  


Muslims, Jews, Christians, and Druze have shared meals and prayers, and walked together through villages, publicly demonstrating solidarity.  They have prayed at a firebombed synagogue, held cross-border prayers with Palestinians in Gaza, and celebrated a multi-faith Hanukah in the West Bank. They have felt each other’s pain, comforted each other, and expanded their comprehension of their shared agony.  Each meeting is in a different place, and they travel together in buses from many areas of Israel to get there.  They are a living example of harmony.


Our commitment includes covering all expenses for these gatherings, including travel, and each event is costly.  Right now we need to raise $19,000 in the next 40 days in order to complete the first year of our commitment. 

I urge each of you to once again support this sacred cause.  If you have not yet contributed, your gift is critical to us.  It is the duty of spiritual people to bring peace and to support work that brings peace closer to realization.  It is the duty of compassionate people to support peace wherever we can.  Your contribution counts as your presence at these monthly meetings as it helps pay for food and for the cost of bringing together these spiritual peacemakers, none of whom could otherwise afford to come.  In addition, the event itself provides the critical bonus of mutual support for these dedicated servants of peace who often stand alone in their communities against the forces of division and separation.  Their work is often unimaginably difficult, challenging and exhausting.  Beyond the sharing, planning and strategizing, their meetings provide spiritual nourishment for all.    

Next month, Anna and I will be meeting in Israel with the core members of the Abrahamic Reunion to develop a strategy for the next stages of this holy work. 
But right now we need your help to get through the next two months. We ask your support to help us complete the first year of our commitment. Click here to donate now.

With enormous love and gratitude for all you’ve done so far,


David Less

P.S. – If you find this cause worthy – please forward it on to those you know. 

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