Eliyahu McLean & Raed featured on Voice Of Israel Radio

The Annual Iftar Interfaith Dinner was coupled with a breaking of fast for Jews on the 17th of Tammuz this year. The event was so well attended, we had to post on Facebook that RSVP for dinner was closed, but people could still come to the 6-8pm open portion. To get a good idea of what is happening on the ground in Israel, the climate, and what the AR is faced with everyday, interview will give you a great idea.
From VOI’s Website:

Voice Of Israel’s Molly Livingstone is joined by two Jerusalemites, a Jew and a Muslim, to hear about their grassroots efforts at coexistence through religion.She is joined by Eliyahu McLean, director of Jerusalem Peacemakers, and Raed, coordinator for Abrahamic Reunion, a group of religious and lay leaders representing Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Druze. They discuss their successful event to jointly break the Muslim fast of Ramadan and Jewish fast of the 17th of Tammuz together. This involved celebrating, praying, learning and eating together. They expound on their growing movement for peace in the Holy Land among all denominations.

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